To the Editor:

Both Betsy, my wife, and I were once registered Democrats. I voted for Kennedy and I admired his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as his opposition to the involvement in Vietnam. We felt we were the party of the people as opposed to big business. We gradually became uncertain about the issues of the time and reregistered as independent. When we realized that we couldn’t vote in primaries, we registered Republican although we have never voted a straight party ticket.

To day the issues are clera. I cannot support open borders, gun control, abortion, sanctuary cities, health care we cannot possibly afford and those unwilling to do anything to help themselves. It appears to me that Democrats would sooner see our country fall into ruin than support our president.

Impeachment has been the Democrat battle cry since the 2016 election. Millions of dollars were spent on a contrived Russian collusion, and now the Democrats are doing more of the same with an alleged Ukraine quid pro quo.

All Democrat energy has been spent on Trump hatred. Yes, Mr. Trump can be obnoxious and egotistical, but he has accomplished many positive things. What might have been accomplished if that energy had been channeled toward immigration and health care issues? We will never know.

Our two-party system is sacred as a means of checks and balances. Will it ever again function as a well-oiled machine? Will we ever again see Democrats who strive to make our system work or will blind hatred forever consume them?

Roger Wiltz