To the Editor:

Every aspect of the conspiracy to remove Donald Trump from office is spilling into the public domain despite the fact that the U.S. mainstream media has proven to be an extension of corrupt elements of the trans-Atlantic intelligence community heading the attempted coup.

At the center of the fake charge of “Russian Collusion” was the lie that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee computers, handling material over to Julian Assange to publish on his WikiLeaks site — “interfering” in the election. Assange alone can definitively refute this lie — and the British are trying to kill him.

The same forces who failed to unseat Trump through the Russiagate caper are now running an outrageous impeachment operation. Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham are now fully engaged in a criminal investigation of the entire nest of British and American intelligence operatives, and the degenerate Democratic Party, who ran this attempted coup.

Trump, standing up against both political parties and the press, is carrying out his pledge to end the endless wars, and to attempt to bring the U.S. into a relation of friendship with both Russia and China.

The danger remains that the massive debt bubble is beginning to rupture. The Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars into the banking system in the middle of September, and increasing the flow weekly, as the pace of collapse of the hedge funds threatens to be the spark to bring down the entire system.

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The solution is not unknown, provided one is willing to acknowledge that there is no fix for the massively bankrupt system. Bankruptcy reform under Glass-Steagall — point number one in LaRouche’s Four Laws — is both necessary to prevent a general breakdown crisis, and to create the credit to: fulfill Trump’s commitment to rebuilding the nation’s industrial infrastructure; take the nation and the world back to the Moon and on to Mars; and to facilitate international cooperation in the New Silk Road to end the scourge of poverty left over from the dog-eat-dog world of the world’s colonial past.

Ronald Wieczorek

Mount Vernon