To the Editor:

With all the hatred for President Trump, I am wondering what the other side has to offer? Just a few things come to mind: killing of the unborn, suppression of the poor and minorities, stagnant economy, draconian regulations, open borders, sanctuary cities, gun confiscation, abolition of private health insurance, collusion hoaxes, capitulating to China, unfair trade agreements, activist judges, gendermania and on and on.

It is difficult to comprehend how childish and hateful the Left is in not accepting the election of President Trump. In their quest to oust him, they are willing to destroy our country and trample the Constitution. Not everyone was eager to have Presidents Clinton and Obama elected, but we accepted the will of the people.

For three years, we have endured probes and investigations, wasting precious time and taxpayer money. In each instance, the president has been exonerated. Many are fed up with the ongoing “circus” with no end in sight. We have a do-nothing Congress who only care about getting reelected. Frankly, I am amazed the president is able to endure the vitriol, not just from the Left but also from some members of his own party. For all the good he has accomplished, he is constantly demonized.

Most of the news outlets parrot the same talking points, continually berating the president and his family. They are no longer journalistic reporters but arms of the Left pushing their agenda. They are inept and lack professionalism. We are living in a culture of bias and suppression of the truth, communist tactics. This is very frightening.

We need to pray for our president and nation, put aside our differences and respect the office of the presidency.

Joanne Geraets