To the Editor:

Gov. Noem, who I voted for and feel she is, for the most part, doing a good job — is way out in left field when it comes to hemp. Forty-seven states have voted to allow farmers to grow hemp. So they are all wrong and Gov. Noem is right? I think not.

A farmer can plant a quarter-acre (or less) in hemp and make more than planting the whole acre in soybeans or corn. Wouldn’t it be great if taxpayers were spared paying subsidies to farmers for losing crops of soybeans and corn? Most people would say so.

There are ways to ensure marijuana isn’t being grown with hemp. Also, add to the bill a $10,000 fine and jail time if a farmer is caught doing so.

Gov. Noem says legalizing hemp would be the “gateway to marijuana.” Wake up, Gov. Noem. You give a couple high school kids a $100 and send them to buy some pot and they’ll be back with the goods before you finish your latte. Are you sure you are not just trying to protect the ethanol plants and a product we don’t need?

The benefit I would like best in allowing farmers to grow hemp? When China comes knocking for soybeans we can say, “Yes, we have no bananas today!”

J.C. Palmer