To the Editor:

People like the label “Made in the USA.” They worry about trade from other countries. I understand international trade, but these days “made in Russia” is hot for our politicians.

Positive proof: Russia interfered in our 2016 election, worked for Trump’s election, touched all 50 states in hacking and the Trump campaign knew it and welcomed the help. Mr. Trump coveted Trump Tower in Moscow to make a bundle. What do the Russians have on him?

When it was discovered that Russia was hacking the election, Moscow Mitch McConnell and Sen. John Thune nixed publicizing it. They are no help on the Russia investigation. Two Fourth of Julys ago, Sen. Thune was in Russia.

Last year Maria Butina, a Russian spy, and Paul Erickson were discovered working on South Dakota soil. Dusty Johnson dusted up with them, but never a response from the former DC3 Sen. Thune, Trump, and Rep./Gov. Noem. Rounds’ Sioux Falls office promised me a response but no word yet.

The DC3 were huge beneficiaries of NRA money, and the NRA has ties to Russia. Is Russian money funding the DC3?

Robert Mueller reported that Russia is already working to hack/interfere with our election. Two bills came to the Senate to safeguard us against Russian hacking. Moscow Mitch refused to even put the bills out for discussion. It helps to have a Russian oligarch build an aluminium factory in Kentucky.

Moscow Mitch refused to work with a black president and did nothing for eight years. There is a stack of bills from the House waiting to be taken up and he does nothing. Moscow Mitch, Thune and Rounds are doing nothing to protect us from Russia.

The Rev. Dan Brandt