To the Editor:

Is mankind responsible for changes in earth’s climate? Are you aware that the world’s bankers are shifting gears to channel investments into decarbonization which they say will moderate, or reverse, the bad effects of industrial civilization?

Not coincidentally, signs of a pending crash of their trans-Atlantic financial system are everywhere, as are calls for helicopter money to prevent the blowout of the $1.5 quadrillion derivative and leveraged debt bubble.

BlackRock, the world’s largest private equity firm, has produced a paper for the Aug. 22-24 Jackson Hole Economic Symposium calling for a regime change of the financial system: abandon the so-called independence of the central banks, merge governments and central banks, and go with direct delivery of money to any failing bank. Anything to keep the bubble afloat a few more days or hours.

Liquidity pumping, green or not, cannot maintain the bubble. No monetarist fix will work; only a transformation to a creditary system of physical economy will. Lyndon La Roche’s program will: Reinstitute Glass-Steagall; return to national banking; issue federal credit to increase physical-economic productivity and living standards; launch a crash program to achieve fusion power; and establish an international framework for coordinating and cooperating with other nations, especially China, Russia and India, in space exploration (the Artemis Moon-Mars program); economic development and elimination of poverty all over this world (the New Silk Road Initiative).

Against this optimistic approach, remnants of the dying British Empire have unleashed the most massive campaign of behavior modification — i.e. brainwashing. Radiating out from the Sept. 20-27 UNGA in Manhattan, a week of cultural and scientific insanity, led by abused children, psychotropic drug freaks and evil minds is scheduled to be carried out internationally, demanding that all investigations into the frontiers of human knowledge be scrapped in order to save the planet from nonexistent anthropogenic climate change. Even Chicken Little wasn’t this nuts.

Either humanity will be driven into a new Dark Age or go extinct in thermonuclear war, or we will progress using our good sense and real science to develop the universe in the endless future generations.

Ron Wieczorek

Mount Vernon