To the Editor:

Bill Maher said he would have no problem with our country falling into a recession if it means President Trump doesn’t get re-elected. So all his phony compassion for people of lesser means is just that … phony. In the event of a recession, Bill will be in his ivory tower with his millions while average men and women will be losing jobs, even homes and 401Ks will lose value. But that’s OK with Bill.

To be sure, President Trump has said things I wish he hadn’t, but he is like the first president, in my time, to do or try to do what he said he would when he was on the campaign trail. He has called China out for a fair trade deal like no president ever before.

He instructed our UN representative to tell our UN member countries to pay their tab and they have. Of course his detractors say he is “alienating our friends.” He has brought back manufacturing jobs to the U.S. and reached 3 percent or better GDP most every quarter; something Obama said he would need a “magic wand” to accomplish.

He is trying to stop the mass influx of illegals pouring across our southern border with no help from the Democrats in Congress. The illegals in our country cost taxpayers millions upon millions for food stamps, medicaid, social services and educating their many children in our schools.

P.S. President Trump still donates his salary every quarter also.

J.C. Palmer