To the Editor:

At the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convention last February, Mike Lindell (TV's "My Pillow" spokesman) declared Donald Trump "was chosen by God" to run for president.

"I see Donald Trump coming down an escalator and announcing he is running for president. For me it was a divine and miraculous moment-I felt something miraculous was about to unfold," Lindell said, according to the Washington Times.

Do you believe in Bible prophecy? I have a theory. For 46 years, we've been hearing "God is going to punish the U.S. for legalizing abortion." Perhaps it's in the form of the narcissistic, lying, adulterous, sociopathic megalomaniac whose specialty is "gaslighting" those who love him.

He's started trade wars and wrecked the farm economy ... and his base loves him. He's insulted and alienated our allies ... and they love him. He's broken our nuclear pact with Iran ... and they love him. And now he's staging the U.S. warships and B-52's for an attack on Iran ... and they love him.

The Washington Post's "fact checkers" have exposed over 10,000 lies he has told since he

took office ... and they love him. He blows off the legislative and judicial branches of our government ... and they love him. He gives the one-finger salute to the Constitution ... and they love him. He takes revenge on anyone who crosses him, no matter how petty ... and they love him. He calls the press the "enemy of the people" ... and they love him.

People warn of the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich ... and they love him. And he lies and lies and lies.

To be fair, I wondered, is there not some good in him? Apparently, he loves his children. But he's taught them everything he knows, and they're part of his crew. Is that love? His base will vote for Satan, if all they hear is the clarion call "the beautiful babies."

Jack H. Mueller