To the Editor:

Attending any function on Mother's Day is quite a treat when you see those ladies dressed so neat. Mother's Day, what a tribute to those lovely ladies, as we all know they were the beginning. Not everyone is fortunate to have their mother with them on this special day or to have had them with them for the biggest portion of their lives. She may be gone but must never be forgotten.

Mothers - they always provided the family with so much excitement and happiness in good times and bad. Hopefully you have made it a point to spend part of the day with her, or just a phone call to lighten her day. A visit would be great, but a phone call just to thank her for all the wonderful things she did to contribute to your life will brighten her day.

Or as some will only be able to do, stop and reminisce about all the things she did for you that impacted your life. I will, on Mother's Day, stop, say my thank you prayers for all the things she did for me and our family and try to remember all the great moments of my life when she was with us and carried most of the load for us.

Mother has left the earth but still is a very big part in my everyday life and my heart at all times. We never know how much we will miss someone until they are removed from our everyday lives. So, please in your own way, remember that wonderful person, your mother.

Jack McBrayer