To the Editor:

A submitted letter in the July 28 edition of The Daily Republic is written like a true liberal blindly following Democrat rhetoric. It makes allegations with no substance.

And lies? How about AOC’s lies of illegals forced to drink toilet water; Smollett’s fabricated hoax that Trump supporters attacked him; Schiff’s claim he had specific evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians; and when conservatives provide data, videos, and evidence to refute Democrats’ falsehoods, the response is conservatives are racist?

How about Bernie Sanders, “The Squad”, Maxine Waters, Antifa, and their cronies perpetuating hatred and inciting violence against conservatives, whites, Christians, Jews, conservative blacks and Hispanics or other ethnic groups that do not fall in line with their Marxist and fascist ideology; their usurping the law to support, defend and allow foreigners, including criminals and terrorists, to enter the U.S. illegally; Elijah Cummings touting concern for illegals, while his own district is rotting in waste and rats; Omar being investigated for possible violation of immigration laws with her brother?

Let’s not forget it was Democrats who permeated and dominated the KKK; it was Republicans who fought, sacrificed and died to free the slaves and a Republican president who provided America with the Emancipation Proclamation. And last, but not even close to the least, it’s amazing when liberals cite the Statue of Liberty but ignore the immigration laws created by Congress that President Trump and ICE are required to enforce. All that is in line with our original founding fathers? The letter has willful blindness.

Dwight D. Stadler