To the Editor:

I remember when if you got holes in your jeans, your mother put patches on them. Nowadays people buy them already ripped at the knees because some so-called “fashion designer” made them and a Hollywood celeb wore them and declared them “cool” and their followers, who can’t think for themselves, went along.

What’s with these “man buns?” In my day, if a guy had a bun he had lunch meat and cheese stuffed in it and was eating it for lunch.

And what’s with all these gals wearing baseball caps? In my day if you saw a bunch of gals wearing baseball caps they were on their way to or from their baseball game. Now they wear them anytime they leave the house. And what’s with all the gals wearing “yoga pants” in public? In my day, they were called “tights” and were worn with a “tutu” in the ballet. Now gals wear them out and about without the “tutu” showing places where the sun doesn’t usually shine.

And what’s with all these tattoos? Especially on women. In my day if you wanted to see a woman with tattoos all over her body, you went to the circus.

How I miss the good ol’ days when people could think for themselves.

J.C. Palmer