To the Editor:

The US Fish and Wildlife Service isn't enforcing a grassland easement contract on private land on the north side of Reid Lake in Clark County. On July 15, the FWS allowed the landowner to re-open a boat launch and parking area on grass easement land. The contract states: (No rights herein are granted to the general public for access to or entry upon the land subject to this grant of easement for any purpose.) The grassland is being destroyed by driving and parking on this land.

Last fall, grass was seeded in the boat launch area that had been destroyed by driving on it in 2018. I was told by the FWS that their intentions were to restore the grassland to its original condition. On July 20, 17 boats launched from there and destroyed the grass seeded last fall. It had rained and the grassland was destroyed again.

The contract states the purpose of this easement is to protect the habitat quality of these lands and provide cover, especially nesting cover for wildlife. The boat launch and parking area is destroying the vegetative cover, which is a violation of the contract. The contract states the landowner will maintain permanent vegetative cover and not destroy the vegetative cover. The contract states that the landowner isn't restricted from utilizing the lands in the customary manner for agricultural purposes.

A boat launch and parking area isn't an agricultural purpose and therefore a violation. The FWS is allowing several violations of the contract on this land while every other person that owns easement land has to abide by the rules and regulations of their contract. This isn't equal rights for all people, it is special treatment for one landowner. The FWS shouldn't be allowing violations of this contract. All other people would get cited or prosecuted for violating their contract. Ask the FWS why they are allowing violations of this easement contract on this land.

Doug Paulson