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LETTER: Vietnam Veterans Day brought back memories

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

The purpose of the statement is an attempt to convey that after exposure to and participation in hours, days, months and years of endless human anguish, a kid barely out of his teens is changed forever.

He has longed his entire time away for a return to the normalcy of family and friends. Only hours after the last killing, only hours after watching a friend bleed out and stuffed into a body bag, with the stink of war still on him, he is walking up the driveway to waiting friends and family. That's when it hits him! It's the realization that he has nothing in common with these people any more and that what they perceive as important is trivial.

Some veterans become angry and destructive, some resort to drugs and alcohol to escape and some withdraw into their own tortured minds and shut out society completely or all the above. One thing painfully clear to them all is that they can never come home again.

Ray Berlin