To the Editor:

I have fished the Missouri River in South Dakota for 35 years. I agree with not opening walleye season till after the spawn, but don't put all the blame on nonresident anglers. I have seen more SD resident anglers than nonresident anglers fishing from West Bend to Pease Creek that will limit out in the morning. And go back out and do it again in the same day!! This may go on for several days!

I've fished Akaska and West Bend and have never failed to be checked for license and possession. This is my opinion, but if the Army Corps would do a better job of regulating dam flow, and keeping water levels consistent during spawn, we would have more fish!

Since 2011, there hasn't been a good spawn because of the fluctuation of the water level! Fort Randall is a good example: they say gates are closed (2018) from Tuesday-Friday; then discharge through the next Monday. I can honestly say I have been up on the Mo enough to be able to say it fluctuates daily.

Dennis Binnebose

Norfolk, Nebraska