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LETTER: A response to technical education funding

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To the Editor:

This is in reply to Gail Johnson letter in the Jan. 26 Daily Republic.

This goes back a long ways when Marcus Traxler did an interview with the one that gets $100,000 per year to oversee the ones that were to get all that money to support the technical institutes. He should re-interview him and ask besides the $100,000 do you get paid mileage, meals, rooms, and do the ones you supervise get the same? And how much is this costing us the taxpayer per year?

They should get rid of this program and use the thousands of dollars save to divide up between the technical institutes.

How much money is set aside each year for them?

According to a notice in The Daily Republic, they meet in Sioux Falls and all voted to raise the Technical Institute fees.

So this as another good reason to get rid of the program. Call your state House and Senate and demand they get rid of this program.

Last year I called one of our representatives to suggest that the state color the salt so people would know it was salt, not frost on the road. I was told it was a very good idea. But that was the end of it.

Ray Grambihler