To the Editor:

I couldn't help but wonder these last few days how we are managing to do what we are doing in daily life with this cold like it is. I am a student at the Mitchell High School and I am concerned that despite the cold temperatures we are still having classes. Today, Jan. 28, we are only receiving a one-hour late start. I feel as though this isn't sufficient as for the temps. The National Weather Service has been putting out daily windchill ratings showing how cold it really is. In just five minutes skin can freeze and shortly thereafter death can occur. I feel as though the Mitchell School District needs to take a harder look at these temps and rethink the idea of school this week.

Who is to blame if someone gets hurt walking or driving to school? I really respect our school's officials, including Dr. Graves, but I think it is too dangerous to be out. At these temps vehicles begin having mechanical issues, and the list goes on. One of the main problems with having school is that we have many kids who have no means of getting themselves to school

other than walking, so the risk of them getting hurt is very high. I just think it isn't acceptable to be having school. I could possibly see why the school district wants to have classes, but it comes down to the welfare of the students.

I would really like to hear the district's way of thinking on this matter. Thank you for hearing me out.

Jordan Beukelman