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LETTER: Mixed feelings on political letter policy

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To the Editor:

In the Nov. 30 edition of The Daily Republic, you wrote about a policy change in which The Daily Republic will begin to charge a fee to publish political endorsement letters. I have mixed feelings about this. I can see that the letters are basically free advertisement for the candidates. On the other hand, charging for these letters is one more way for the candidate with the most money to win.

Additionally, if you are going to institute this fee, you, The Daily Republic, need to look at how you give free advertisement to candidates. In the days leading up to the November election, both Kristi Noem and Billie Sutton campaigned in Mitchell. The Daily Republic covered Kristi on page 1 with a colored picture. You placed Billie's coverage on page 4 with a small black and white picture. We look forward to more balanced coverage in the future.

Joanna Meyers


(EDITOR'S NOTE: The Daily Republic covered campaign stops in Mitchell from both Sutton and Noem in the final week prior to the election, placing coverage of both on interior pages of the A-section. From Aug. 1 to Election Day, Noem was mentioned on the front page of the newspaper 11 times, while Sutton was mentioned nine times.)