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LETTER: Border wall resolution is failing move

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To the Editor:

State Senator Stace Nelson and 14 other state legislators introduced Resolution 4, calling for Trump's wall to be built. If our southern border is truly a serious security threat, then why are these 15 legislators calling for a wall that would fail to address the threat?

They know the wall will fail because:

1) The Bureau of Counterterrorism recently reported there was "no credible information that any member of a terrorist group has traveled through Mexico to gain access to the United States." If Trump had a long list of terrorists who'd entered America through the desert on our southern border, he'd never stop tweeting about the list.

2) The DEA reports that the majority of drugs cross our southern border via the 48 ports of entry, not through the desert. In fact, illegal drugs bound for the Northeast are smuggled through Florida and the Caribbean, not our southern border. Also, the cartels make $100 billion annually in America. We're fools to think they'd let a wall in the desert hurt their business.

3) The illegal drug business in America is driven by America's addiction to illegal drugs. Until we properly address our nation's addiction, there will always be drug cartels eager to get their product into the American market, one way or the other.

I recently emailed every state legislator in Pierre questioning the wisdom of the wall. I received many responses, from Republicans and Democrats alike, but not one from any of the resolution's 15 signatories.

We deserve to know how a wall in the desert will stop drugs and terrorists that don't even enter our country through the desert.

Kevin Doby