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LETTER: Mayor has shown good leadership

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To the Editor:

Congratulations are in order for the new mayor of Mitchell, Robert Everson. He demonstrated his leadership in commenting on the problem at the city ice arena. Certainly, The Daily Republic was doing its job in getting information that was important to the area citizens.

It is true that it would have been easy to not ask questions or to not respond to legitimate calls. That has been the way things have happened for far too long. It appears that there is fresh air flowing between City Hall and South Lawler. My hope is that this openness will continue as the city deals with the lake and its failing buildings; with the county, as it deals with possible pollution and establishment of new structures; and with the school, as it faces its problems.

Mayor Everson is well qualified to be a leader in these future discussions. His training and experience allowed him to face the truth with courage. Everson served on the school board shortly after the question of secrecy and executive sessions became a public issue 16 years ago.

Rodney Hall