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LETTER: Destiny is the reason for the season

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

The reason Jesus was born was His destiny of death. If Jesus wouldn't have died, we would not have the promise of eternal life. He had to die because the wages of sin is death. Because He died, His sinless self, the Almighty Jesus, we no longer have to worry about the penalty of death. Because God Himself died and He was abandoned b y the Father to where He felt Death without the Father and Because of this abandonment we are rescued.

Jesus said on the Cross"My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Jesus was going through hell in those minutes and indeed died a substitutionary death for us who love Him.

I put it to you: Jesus died twice; once when His Father abandoned Him and once when his human body died. I believe it was more tormenting and moreo painful to be abandoned by His Father than His human death was.

However, because He did this all power was given to Him. Jesus said "Fear Not; I am the First and the Last; I am He that liveth and was dead; and behold I am alive forevermore, Amern; and have the keys of hell and of death."

Yes, Jesus Christ is alive and because He lives, we all have the hope of salvation and everlasting life! Alleluia!

Frank Larry Hayne