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LETTER: Ravnsborg is right for AG

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To the Editor:

It has been said that a leader is a person who can adapt principles to circumstances. Jason Ravnsborg is that principled leader who is well-equipped to deal with the circumstances and issues that will face our next attorney general. He possesses the skill set necessary to lead our

state forward. Leadership is not about handling every task in an office. When you have a well-trained group there is no need to tell someone how to "do" their job.

Our next attorney general will inherit an office of seasoned prosecutors, some of whom have been with the office through multiple attorney's general. The institutional knowledge of that team of prosecutors has kept our state safe and has efficiently and effectively handled the legal matters facing our state for many years. Leadership qualities are not measured by some statistic. They are not measured by the length of one's service. Leadership qualities are measured by a person's passion, honesty, decisiveness, confidence, and humility.

These are the traits Jason Ravnsborg possesses. The office of the attorney general needs a hard working principled leader; that leader is Jason Ravnsborg.

Thomas Wollman

Lincoln County State's Attorney

Sioux Falls