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LETTER: Hats off to Sutton

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Kristi Noem is back to her Washington learned slash and burn negative advertising she used against Marty Jackley in their primary. Her latest negative ad about Billie Sutton concludes, "... He is hiding under a cowboy hat."

I only occasionally wear my Stetson, but was proud to have worn a helmet for my country and routinely wear a baseball cap to cover my bald head.

Hat owners of South Dakota Unite! Be you cowboy, armed services or sports hatters, we can all be proud of Billie. Kristi, look under Billie's hat. You will find the next governor of South Dakota.

Let's give Kristi a cowboy boot back to the Washington swamp to which she has become so comfortable.

I agree with the Rapid City Journal, with Billie "what you see is what your get. He looks for common ground ... Sutton inspires more trust that he can get some of the big things done. ..."

Hats off to Billie Sutton, our next governor.

Tom Katus

Former SD State Senator

Rapid City