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LETTER: Electing those who care about us

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Dear Dad,

Thanks for checking on harvest progress. We are thankful and blessed with good weather and great yields. This will help make up for the nearly half-million dollar lost value of our soybean crop due to the President's trade fiasco with China. It reminds me of the Russian grain embargo in the Carter years. We lost that market permanently.

I was glad that you were waiting to watch "60 Minutes." Often you tune into "Fox News" and don't get balanced information. I can't support an administration that promotes hatred and is filled with daily lies. I am grateful for my conservative upbringing. What has happened to pro-life meaning; for the education of all; providing for the welfare of disadvantaged; promoting equality; and, believing everyone's equal opportunity for success? Today, we see a political arena in which the laws and regulations are tilted toward the richest 1 percent.

You've mentioned, "Isn't it time for a woman to be Governor?" While I don't disagree with the concept, I can't support Noem. I've met and worked with her for years in Washington. We are met with charm but no substance. I suggest voting for a woman for Lt. Governor, Michelle Lavallee. She and Billie Sutton represent our long-cherished ideals.

I've gotten to know Randy Seiler, Attorney General candidate. His time as judge has made him an advocate for all South Dakota. I don't understand why our present attorney general is spending taxpayer funds to support lawsuits to make pre-existing health conditions deniable for insurance and that would allow LGBT friends to lose jobs without cause. We need Tim Bjorkman in Washington to be our voice. He is one of us and campaign contributions come from us; not special interest groups. Please vote to elect people who care about us.

I dined with the conservative columnist Cal Thomas. I asked why our political system is broken. His response, "David, it is broken because politicians learned long ago that they can't raise money when people are united. So they have figured out clever ways to divide us and the money rolls in!"

David Salmen

Wessington Springs