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LETTER: Noem's veteran values are lacking

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Over the years, retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proposed a number of budget proposals to balance the budget through budget cuts and no tax increases. Ryan's number one target for such cuts was entitlements. Entitlements are programs designed to help American citizens have a better life through grants, subsidies and other programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and building and maintaining our federal infrastructure. In Ryan's eyes, it seems people with entitlement help were parasites who contribute nothing to the national good.

In 2012, Ryan decided wounded veterans were undeserving parasites. The cornerstone of his balanced budget proposal was to cut the Veterans Administration by 75 percent. This, he proposed within months of our invading Iraq.

Kristi Noem supported the budget proposal 100 percent! When asked what would happen if America became involved in a conflict, Kristi's reply was, "If we don't have the money ..." and shrugged her shoulders. How do I remember this? I'm a Vietnam vet.

So, Kristi has already shown she would arm and gear up our young people to put them in harm's way somewhere far away. When they return broken ... Kristi would shrug her shoulders. Are those South Dakota values?

John McEnelly