To the Editor:

Defeat Constitutional Amendment W. It is being sold to us as the answer to fighting corruption in our state government. It does nothing of the sort, it creates a new independent board, answerable to no one but themselves. The following are taken from the proposed amendment;

(7) On an annual basis beginning in 2020, the board shall issue to the Legislature written recommendations for legislation that seeks to increase public trust, transparency, and accountability in government and elections and decrease the risk of corruption and conflicts of interest.

(10) The Legislature shall annually appropriate, via the general appropriation bill, three hundred and eighty-nine thousand dollars, indexed to inflation, to a separate constitutional Ethics Law Enforcement Fund to be administered solely by the board. This appropriation via the general

appropriation bill shall occur, and shall not be subject to item veto by the Governor, notwithstanding any other provision of the Constitution. ... Only the board may authorize the spending or transfer of moneys from the Ethics Law Enforcement Fund. The Legislature may appropriate additional funds to the Ethics Law Enforcement Fund or another fund for use by the board for its various expenses. While serving on business of the board, members shall receive reasonable travel expense reimbursement and per diem compensation. This provision shall be self-executing.

§18. This Article is self-executing and shall take effect sixty days after approval. Each provision shall be justiciable and enforceable by any circuit court. Laws may be enacted to facilitate, safeguard, or expand. But not to hamper, restrict, or impair, the powers this Article grants and the protections it establishes.

The full text of the amendment is over 3400 words long, please read it on the Secretary of State's website.

Join me in voting NO on W.

Steven Nemmers