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LETTER: IM 25 makes sense for Mitchell

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To the Editor:

Earlier this fall, the Mitchell Area Development Corporation voted to endorse IM 25, a common-sense solution to address a workforce training issue in South Dakota. IM 25 would dedicate $20 million, raised through an increase in the tobacco tax, to reduce technical school tuition in our state. Our board supported this issue for these reasons:

1.) South Dakota's technical school tuition is the third-highest in the nation.

2.) Many states support technical education with property taxes, and South Dakota does not. We somehow must make our technical schools financially competitive, so we do not lose students to surrounding states.

3.) It will help Mitchell Technical Institute, which is key to our local workforce needs and community growth. MTI's students, employees and regional alumni add more than $37 million to our regional economy. A growing MTI enrollment supports a healthy Mitchell.

We encourage you to vote "yes" on IM-25, to support technical education and local workforce development.

Mark Vaux, Exec. Director

Mitchell Area Development Corporation

Mitchell Area Development Board Members: Jeff Logan, Tom Clark, Jason Stoebner, Joe Graves, Terry Torgerson, Tim Bottum and Tom Patzer