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LETTER: Won't be voting for IM 25

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To the Editor:

Despite the inevitable calls for 'not caring about children,' or 'hating the teachers,' IM 25 is not something I will be voting for. It is not even something "good for South Dakota," as Rep. Tona Rozum so eloquently put it.

It has absolutely no statutory requirement and safeguard to be spent anywhere on the same K-12 education she herself claims has a workforce shortage! None. The only requirement is 'for technical schools,' in her own words.

It could go 100 percent to administrative bloat, for all we know. Or advertising. Remember the lottery? Same position. Nobody knows how much of that is actually spent on education (i.e.: not administrative and overhead cost) and it was sold to us for the same reason.

If the government cannot fund its primary obligations, roads, police, fire and schools, without taking more money from us, then they need to reduce their own scope (and bills) until they can do so.

Can you force your boss to give you a raise because you can't afford to feed your kids, when you spent all night at the bar gambling on their $800 iphone?

Eric Krietlow