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LETTER: Supporting Nelson and Sutton

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To the Editor:

Senator Stace Nelson and I do not agree on much because we are on different sides of the aisle, but we do agree on a few things. One of those things is that the state government needs to take more steps to tackle corruption more than we are currently doing. We also agree that there are many legislators in Pierre with an "R" behind their name that really do not represent Republican values well, and that should be fixed as well. Both of those things involve a multitude of discussions and fixes that the electorate of the state needs to consider when they hit the polls on Nov. 6.

An unlikely partner has surfaced in the gubernatorial race to help Nelson tackle state corruption. Billie Sutton has come forward and supported several efforts to drive corruption out of the state government and on another issue co-sponsored a bill that Nelson passed and Governor Daugaard vetoed involving armed services members' right to constitutional carry (2018 SB 181). Billie Sutton is a conservative Democrat that supports your Second Amendment rights

and his voting record shows that.

I do not agree with either Nelson or Sutton on all issues, but I believe that they can make a powerful force for your Second Amendment rights, your right to a less corrupt and more accountable state, and I believe that they are the best candidates in their respective races. They are also both very responsive to their respective electorate and productive in their current roles, unlike some others in political races all over.

I urge you to vote Stace Nelson for Senate and Billie Sutton for Governor on Nov. 6. They may not be of the same party, but they will get the job done.

Clay Loneman