To the Editor:

As a South Dakota educator, facts are important to me. I teach my students to locate, analyze, and make use of good information. It's not always easy, especially when some people are trying to confuse them.

Opponents of Amendment W have been misrepresenting the facts. They are trying to scare voters by saying that Amendment W will create a fourth branch of government, but this is simply not the case. Forty-three other states have ethics commissions in place to protect against conflicts of interest and other abuses by those in power. Those 43 states do not have four branches of government.

Amendment W will establish a board - just like other state boards that exist already - to oversee those in power and make sure they're working on behalf of South Dakotans, not lining their own pockets. The work of the board will all be subject to constitutional judicial review.

Correcting misconceptions about what Amendment W will do is crucial. We shouldn't allow misinformation to divide us on what truly matters - holding politicians accountable. That is something I think we can all agree on.

Vote yes on Amendment W to hold public servants accountable to the people.

John Nelson