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LETTER: Sutton has integrity to be governor

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To the Editor:

Billie Sutton is a man of integrity and substance. His opponent has spent more time attacking him than telling us what she plans to do for South Dakota. Listen to her words. She hammers on sound bite talking points, trying to brand her opponent. In short, she's light on substance.

I've worked with Billie Sutton on education issues and we've talked at length on numerous others. He is not some crazy liberal. He is like most South Dakotans, belonging to one party or the other but standing squarely and sanely in the middle. He has consistently stated that he is pro-life, and he's voted pro-life. He has spoken strongly against a state income tax.

It would be convenient for Noem if his positions were the other way, so she keeps repeating her talking points. But that doesn't make them true.

Billie will work with our Republican legislature on issues important to South Dakotans, like cleaning up state government through bipartisan administrative oversight, moving education forward, and workforce development to name a few.

I've known Billie for over 20 years, and when he first ran for Senate, I thought critically about whether this likeable young cowboy really knew what he was doing. When I pressed him on issues of substance, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of his knowledge. He had done his homework and educated himself on the issues. He asked a lot of questions, and he's worked hard ever since.

Billie Sutton is the real deal.

Erik Person