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LETTER: Dusty won't disappoint

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Dusty Johnson is someone we can trust to represent South Dakota who shares our family values and our rights. Sending Dusty to D.C. is by far her best thing we can do for our state during these times. Dusty will stand his ground and work with Congress making decisions that are best for South Dakota and not the interests of special interest groups. Dusty will not only represent us with dignity and integrity but he will work to further our prosperity here in South Dakota. When he votes on the floor he will have our family values, faith and rights forefront and not in the background.

Dusty does not want us to be under the thumb of big government, but wants us to enjoy the life we are granted under the Constitution of the United States. Dusty will not disappoint and will hear what you have to day and vote accordingly. He will not cave to the far-left and the elites as someone else who is one of them will and will hold their interests in mind and not yours. Let's stand by Dusty and put the right person in D.C.

Beau Byrd,

Fall River GOP Vice Chairman

Hot Springs