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LETTER: SD's tie to the Kavanaugh debate

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To the Editor:

In the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sept. 27, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh that when he had met with Sen. Dianne Feinstein over a month before this hearing on Aug. 20, Sen. Feinstein already had in her possession the allegations leveled against Judge Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Ford and was arranging legal representation for Dr. Ford.

These facts highlight the Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee were not interested in conducting an open and honest investigation of Judge Kavanaugh, but rather wanted to engage in a "four-corner stall" to hold the seat vacant so it could be filled by someone more to their liking.

This assertion is substantiated by the fact that 23 minutes after learning that Judge Kavanaugh was President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court on July 9, Sen. Chuck Schumer said, "I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh's nomination with everything I have."

Obviously, the reason for the liberal left's strident banshee shrieks and unethical actions against Judge Kavanaugh is its fanatical obsession with continuing the abominable practice of murdering the innocent unborn. Some may get the impression that I'm implying that those in the inner sanctums of the Democratic Party are bad people. That is not at all the case. Rather, what I'm saying is that they are truly awful people, which is attested to by the abysmal treatment they subjected Judge Kavanaugh and his family to.

So how do we in South Dakota deal with this matter? Both Billie Sutton and Tim Bjorkman have stated that they are solidly pro-life. If that is true, at some point in time since Sept. 27, they will have denounced the actions of the Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee.

In the absence of such an action, they will have acknowledged that their primary allegiances are to the Democratic Party and its ideals, and their pro-life positions are something which they just simply give lip service to gain a few votes. Consequently, if their primary allegiance is to the Democratic Party, they do not deserve our votes.

Mark Sip