To the Editor:

I agree with Dave Wegner's recent letter with respect to the problem of money undermining America's representative democracy. A recent example is Davison County Commissioners ignoring the quality of constituents' life by approving hog operations that benefit out-of-state capitalists.

Unfortunately, Wegner went partisan and said, "South Dakota voters should take a broom to all Republican candidates." His mistake is the assumption that all Republicans are conservative free market ideologues. Based on my own election performance, Neil Tapio's performance in this year's primary, and South Dakota legislative voting records, true free market conservatives represent less the one-fourth of South Dakota Republican voters and representatives.

The Republican majority are liberal tax and spend crony capitalists. And what most fail to understand is that nearly 100 percent of the South Dakota Democratic legislators recently supported three major tax increases, including September's Internet tax increase, that is fueling the liberal Republican tax and spend agenda here in South Dakota.

Wegner's false argument was based on a false allegation that the military coup in Chile that ousted elected socialist Allende, and then replaced with Pinochet, is to be blamed on the Koch Brothers and free market ideologue James Buchanan. I did research and found the only source to be Nancy MacLean's book, Democracy in Chains, a book that has been widely discredited. Her propaganda received a $50,400 federal grant for work which "excavates the pre-history of early and ongoing anti-democratic motives and goals."

History clearly shows the CIA-backed military coup in Chile was urged by Nixon and Kissinger to protect David Rockefeller Chase bank's financial interest in Chile's copper mines, that were threatened by socialist Allende. Hardly an example of limited government free-market conservatism.

The Koch Brothers are involved in the oil industry, which has historically been monopolized by the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller Brothers are funding an anti-Koch campaign along with George Soros. After McCain-Feingold, soft money is now going into Soro's pockets, who has taken control of the Democratic Party.

We should blame all global oligarchy members, of which Dusty Johnson is one of their Howdy Doody puppets, for destroying representative democracy.

Steve Sibson