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LETTER: Principled Bjorkman would bridge the party divide

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To the Editor:

In these times of division and turmoil, I am seeking a congressional candidate who is a secure bridge. A bridge is sturdy and able to connect opposing sides. It provides a path for all people, no matter the "weather" outside or the party. Tim Bjorkman provides a tested and proven


Tim is sturdy. He is a man of integrity who stands on principle. His years on the judicial bench and his service in the community are evidence that he has the ability to discern truth in complex situations and make right judgements. He does not take PAC money, so he is free to stand on principle rather than sway to outside interests.

Tim connects. Finding common ground on opposing sides requires ability to listen to others and to consider their viewpoints. Tim has traveled across our state, leaning in and listening to people. He has an innate sense of the common ground that connects us. At the core, people just want a great life for our families, with health security and financial security, meaningful

work and refreshing play. After years in the courtroom, Tim has observed the patterns in families that lack these essentials. He sees the systemic failings that can hurt parents' ability to make a good living, thereby harming children and damaging the community and the state. Tim recognizes the need for repair, he offers practical solutions and he is motivated to get to work to create a fair shot at security and happiness for all South Dakotans.

See for yourself. Research Tim Bjorkman. Then hire him to do this work in November.

Linda Bernard