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LETTER: Vote for hope in SD

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Sutton/Lavalle, Bjorkman and Seiler are lights of hope for SD — Governor/Lt. Governor, US House and SD Attorney General. SD is ranked fourth to sixth in corruption and needs clean government.

Noem ads suggest visions of mass transit as "Get a horse" or food for "Feeding SD" — "get a gun" or in answer to hungry working two to three jobs, a pharaoh flip whip — "work harder, harder."

Rounds can't escape EB-5 and Gear Up. What are we citizens to make of the following news reports? John Thune was in Russia waving a white flag on July 4. NRA is said to be money laundering for Russia. Maria Butina has been arrested as a Russian agent working inside the NRA and SD Republican party has been associated with Paul Erickson and Dusty Johnson. Thune, Rounds and Noem all receive much money from the gun lobby. Reports are murky at best.

The Bright Lights bring integrity, depths of wisdom and maturity, working across the aisle, great reputations, years of service, good judgment, character and a love of justice. They will be significant up-lifts to a needy SD.

Sutton/Lavallee for Governor's office means an emphasis on education, SD values, hard work, clean/transparent government, vision for all people and healthcare. They bring together the rural and ranching and big city business experience.

Bjorkman is for decent, affordable health care, takes no PAC money, has good boundaries and sound judgment. A seasoned and thoughtful judge, he would bring dignity to DC.

Seiler is at the top of a monumental career in Native American Law, Constitutional Law, SD Law. He is a thorough Federal Prosecutor and knows both the letter and spirit of the law. He uplifts the Office of Attorney General.

My patriotism is in a funk because of state and national scandals. These four folks are bright lights and give me hope. Vote for the light!

The Rev. Dan Brandt