LETTER: Dusty is the choice for Capitol Hill


To the Editor:

South Dakota has 1/435th voice in the U.S. House of Representatives. That voice must be relentless and strong in order to be heard on Capitol Hill. My opinion is that Dusty Johnson has the commitment and energy to deliver the voice of the Mount Rushmore State to the U.S. Congress.

Dusty grew up on a family of five children and from my experience with raising five children, I know that respectful persistence is the most effective way to be successfully hearsd. Dusty has that Characteristic.

Dusty is running on issues that are consistent with the Republican Platform. And, Dusty is interested in people of all ages. It is his calling to be working for "The People." Dusty is his own man and will work to serve South Dakota with dignity and integrity. He will want to hear from you on issues that matter in your lives.

Dusty Johnson has vitalized the interest and involvement of young people in the state. He has done with with his characteristic mentorship and expressed belief that young people can and must make a difference in preserving our Constitutional Republic. They are the voice of the future.

Please, vote Dusty for Congress.

Judy A.B. Jelbert