LETTER: Trump's actions to McCain are disrespectful


To the Editor:

I'm a retired veteran living in a small town in South Dakota. I'm your ordinary law-abiding citizen trying to scratch out a living here on the Great Plains; that is, up until now.

I've just about had it with my Commander in Chief and the games he plays but to dishonor a National Hero such as Senator John McCain is a complete breach of Military Discipline outlined in Article 92 of the Unified Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). And yes the president; our

military Commander in Chief, must abide by the UCMJ just like anyone else in his military chain of command. President Trump's refusal to make a formal declaration to lower the flag is conduct prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline entrusted within all veterans and citizens of this country.

This is the last straw! Tweets are one thing but I cannot tolerate or condone such disrespect from my President or my State of South Dakota. My flag is lowered regardless of their inaction, until Sen. McCain's internment.

Rick Velin