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LETTER: Poorly maintained properties in Mitchell

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To the Editor:

I felt the need to release a few frustrations, created because the people in charge made ordinances, which placed priorities on property owners within the city in regard to upkeep on their properties. It appears that they no longer plan to enforce them or have severely relaxed the enforcement of them.

As I drive around Mitchell, I notice how poorly some properties and lawns are being cared for. You can find weeds growing as high as mail boxes, 40 inch high chain link fence with creeping jenny growing clear to the top, a lot of the sidewalk corners have weeds and grass growing so bad you can hardly see the sidewalk.

We were told a few years ago that budget funds were allocated to hire an individual to fill that position and his duties were to patrol and bring to the attention of the property owner that the situation is out of control and must be taken care of or the city would do it at the owner's expense.

When this was done you could witness the improvement, but today it has taken a terrible turn for the worse. Yards have weeds growing 9 to 12 inches tall, thistles have seeded and blow all over town, ditches that are horrible. I don't know if it was city crews or the property owners that mowed them but they were so tall it looks like a windrower had gone over the property. I was taught how to pull weeds at an early age and still know how, and I'm not a kid anymore. Chemical are available that can be used safely.

Fall is just around the corner. We don't have elections to elect council members to monitor these problems. The job of supervision has to come within. Let's get on top of this mess now. Pigeon grass all over town is heading out and will be seeding. Shame on those responsible for not doing their job. I would assume they are still on the payroll.

Jack McBrayer