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LETTER: Dusty will work hard

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

Bold, confident, and successful, a man who won't cower or cry, Donald Trump is leftists' worst nightmare. He represents everything they hate. Democrats, despising him, want to tear Trump down. If we allow, they'll bring articles of impeachment. Then, for a year, perhaps two, we'll waste time debating who did what in 2016.

If Washington squanders another year, will healthcare fix itself? Will vital infrastructure rise? Or will our Chinese competitors fill the power vacuum? If we're preoccupied fighting ourselves, who'll speak for hostages languishing abroad? Who'll stop ISIS from murdering innocents? America's urgent work needs doing. Shall we waste time bickering, or face these challenges directly? When wildfire rages, do firemen squabble over who should be chief? No! They suit up and do their job.

Derailing impeachment is reason enough to vote Republican. But there are other, important reasons. The left wants to abolish ICE and repeal Trump's tax cut. Democratic Socialists promise open borders and tax increases — things middle class families can't withstand.

Kristi Noem, that superb lady, voted to cut taxes and secure the nation. Now, radicals want to destroy all she accomplished.

Dusty Johnson won't let that happen. He'll protect Kristi's achievements. He'll block impeachment, focusing Congress on real threats, from Iran, North Korea, terrorists, sex traffickers, and murderous MS-13 gangsters. Hard-working Midwesterners get it. Monday, KSFY reported Dusty's commanding, 20-point lead in his U.S. House race. Tuesday's Ohio election results reaffirm this conclusion.

Like every man born in the last 2000 years, Dusty isn't perfect. But he's never been called lazy. Not when he was Daugaard's chief of staff. Not on the PUC. Not when he was 15, working overtime washing cars.

A mammoth task awaits. Dusty will toil every day, night, and weekend until the job is done.

Mitchell, let's put him to work!

Catherine Barranco

Sioux Falls