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LETTER: Taking on problems with real solutions

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To the Editor:

As many South Dakotans, I read with dismay Tim Bjorkman's July 25 letter on tariffs. Tim mentions his Republican opponent but revealingly doesn't include the Independent candidate also running for Congress in the discussion. The reason is, I believe because I am not their "opponent." I represent the alternative to partisan political pablum. Tim just doesn't see the new paradigm emerging.

The proposals of the lawyer, the former PUC chairman and former police officer in this race are frankly irrelevant to the survival of this nation and South Dakota in particular. Cutting tariffs to zero or raising them through the roof won't revitalize our decrepit economy. Taking our guns away or arming every single man, woman and child won't protect our citizens; legalizing current illicit drugs or further restricting use (remember Prohibition and the 18th and 21st Amendments?) won't cure the deep cultural malaise driving so many people to kill themselves in so many ways.

What I am doing my best to do is organize for the real solutions.

Here are the solutions as the thousands of South Dakotans who have received one of my campaign flyers know about:

• Restore the 1933-era Glass-Steagall Banking act to separate and protect the commercial banking function from the speculative one.

• Return to national banking by establishing a federal institution dedicated to issuing long-term credit for large infrastructure projects, such as a nationwide network of high-speed and magnetically levitated rail and water management projects, such as the North American Water and Power Alliance.

• A crash program to bring online the ultra-high energy flux dense controlled nuclear fusion to massively increase baseline electrical power production, revolutionize industrial production and provide the propulsion for large-scale manned deep space discovery and settlement.

• Revive Classical culture in all its forms, to educate and elevate our moral sense.

• Bring the United States into alignment with China's multi-trillion-dollar international Belt and Road Initiative, to finally carry out President FDR's intention of bringing the dignity of high-tech and high capital intensive economic development — true sovereignty — to the too many countries around the world still suffering in the grip of neo-colonialism.

Ron Wieczorek

Independent candidate for South Dakota's at-large congressional seat

Mount Vernon