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LETTER: A Republican for Sutton

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To the Editor:

It isn't often heard anymore, "I don't vote party. I vote for the best person." We need to get back to that thinking again.

As a farmer, I am particularly concerned about the lack of protection for farmers and ranchers when a grain elevator, buyer, or warehouse collapses. Who really believes something is yours before you pay for it? Yet, this is how it works for the farmer delivering grain to the elevator. Under South Dakota law, the farmer is last to collect what is owed in a bankruptcy.

The collapse of Anderson Seed in 2012 and H&I Grain in 2017 resulted in millions of dollars in losses for South Dakota farmers. Yet, our state government has not provided safeguards to prevent this from happening again.

As a South Dakota Senator, Sutton supported legislation to put farmers first in line for compensation in the bankruptcy of a grain elevator, buyer, or warehouse; the Republican majority killed the proposal in the House.

We need to change our laws to protect farmers and ranchers, and we need a Governor who will lead the way. This Republican is voting for the best person for the job, and that is Billie Sutton.

Richard Stanley