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LETTER: Time for SD to stop voting for just Republicans

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To the Editor:

The news coming out of Washington is embarrassing. I'm tired of hearing about babies in a cage. I'm disgusted by the people being investigated by the Mueller Special Counsel. And then it hits home with a spy tied to South Dakota and Dusty Johnson's association with her. And we have a candidate for governor, Ms. Noem, who is coming from Washington having done nothing the entire time she was there.

It is time that we, the people of South Dakota, vote for values, honor and integrity. No more government officials who call people names, who would rather be friends with dictators like Kim Jong-un and Putin, who lock up babies and children and separate them from their mothers, and who support policies that make rich people richer, poor people poorer, and leave farmers broke while being pawns in a trade war, and who vote to increase the national debt on a weekly basis.

It's time we, the people of South Dakota, throw those that support them out and say we choose to be better than that. It's time South Dakota voters stops looking at the R behind a name on the ballot and vote for Billie Sutton and Tim Bjorkman. These are men of honor, integrity and uphold the values that we in South Dakota believe.

Carrie Ackerman-Rice

Lake Andes