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LETTER: Time for a change in Pierre, Washington

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To the Editor:

I will to add my Amen to Rev. Dan Brandt's letter to the editor printed a few days ago. He expressed in good detail why we should give a clean sweep to the coming midterm by electing Sutton/Lavallee and Bjorkman/Seiler, and as he said let's send Mrs. Noem riding off into the sunset.

It seemed in the primaries all we saw of her was on her horse and wearing a seed corn cap. I, for one, am tired of her rhetoric. It's time for a big change in Pierre and Washington D.C.

Mr. Peterson from Wewela and Mr. Kevin Doby from Yankton also hit it on the head well to support Mr. Bjorkman and take down the follies of Mr. Trump.

Norma Fristad