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LETTER: Trump doubles down on mistakes

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To the Editor:

President Trump is now faced with the folly of his pointless tariffs. So to fix a mistake he's proposed another mistake: $12 billion in farm subsidies. Billions of dollars in subsidies meant to offset the effect of tariffs is Soviet-style economics 101. There's nothing about this that supports free trade or democracy because it ignores all the other industries hard hit by the president's tariffs, such as manufacturing, steel, aluminum, and even whiskey (Yes, whiskey!), just to name a few.

All of us whose jobs depend on agriculture can rest easy, however, since the socialist proposal will allow our elected representatives in Washington to howl about how un-Republican this is, thus making them look like good Republicans, while the $12 billion will essentially serve as a bribe for the agriculture vote come midterms. It's starting to look like American agriculture isn't so opposed to socialism after all.

The reality at this point is that President Trump is no longer governing America (I'm not convinced he ever was.). He's simply doing and saying anything that will earn him praise from his base, regardless of the impact on our country. He's not a Republican, or a leader, or a role model, and certainly not honest; he's just a tragically shallow person who craves adoration and praise so desperately he's willing to transform our democracy into a foundering mess of socialism, capitalism, authoritarianism, and economic elitism.

I've been a vocal critic of President Trump since early in his campaign, but in truth, I feel a great deal of empathy for him. It would be miserable going through life with such a prodigious craving for adoration, because there isn't enough praise in the world to fill that kind of emptiness, no

matter how hard his base tries.

Kevin Doby