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LETTER: Bjorkman the choice for U.S. House

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To the Editor:

In one of Dusty Johnson's political ads during the Republican primary, he was explaining to his three sons how much each of us would have to pay to eliminate the "national debt" — His sons acted appropriately shocked and dismayed.

I was also dismayed when he then explained why we should send him to Congress — "so he could help President Trump reduce the national debt!" This is laughable. President Trump's massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy has been estimated to increase the national debt significantly over the next decade, and the chaos created by his tariffs and trade wars will no doubt erase any short term benefits to the economy — especially the agricultural economy.

If Dusty Johnson is so naïve and gullible as to believe the president, he will be just another Republican victim of master con artist Donald Trump.

If Dusty Johnson is disqualified by reason of naivety and outright ignorance of the issues facing this nation, who should we send to Washington D.C.? My independent vote will go to Tim Bjorkman, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

He is a former circuit court judge and past president of the South Dakota Judges' Association. In an interview, he said: "His judgeship experiences gave him a front row seat to see much of what's wrong in society and that his courtroom experience is his best qualification for reasoned decision making in Congress."

His views cut across party lines. He will listen to both sides. He does not owe his positions on issues to any political party or special interest group. And if his campaign style is an indication of his energy — he will outwork everyone in Congress and he will serve South Dakota and the United States well.

Richard Peterson