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LETTER: Cal Thomas column is on point

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To the Editor:

I truly hope everyone read Cal Thomas' piece on aliens entering our country. The Clintons both voiced unwanted aliens getting into the U.S. but did nothing about it. Now the Democratic Party is condemning Trump for his attitude. The only difference is Trump did something about it. The Democratic Party is making a last effort to try to take charge in November.

I totally agree with Mr. Thomas. In fact, I believe if even the real parents are complaining, why didn't they take their children with them? I would. Our enemies the world over, especially the Muslims, Isis are trying to get into our country and eventually take over our way of life. They will enter at any point we are weak in stopping them.

It seems to me that when even an old woman 94 years old can figure this out it seems the whole Democratic party could do so ... or everyone reading Mr. Thomas' report.

Why do the Democrats in D.C. want to allow especially the Muslims into our country? Because they made the Clintons millionionares when they left the White House.

I won't have much longer to concern myself with the future of my country, but I so much want the American people to understand and stop the migration of huge amounts of Muslims into our country. All those who are supposedly needy over there are not needy.

Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for explaining this all to America. Every writer is not an enemy of the President of the US.

Virginia Muirhead