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LETTER: Thanks be to God

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To the Editor:

I just wanted to publically give a testimony to the miraculous power of Jesus Christ. I have been a resident of Mitchell since 1986. For over 32 years this has been my home. I do love this city. I know lots of people and lots of people know me. Many in Davison County know the trials and tragedies of my life, particularly the past three years. I slumped into a severe depressive disorder requiring 13 months treatment at HSC, Yankton. Many in Davison County know that.

Many have rejoiced with me as to how my God transformed me in mind, body, soul and spirit midway through 2016. However, many in Mitchell including even clergy do not believe in that miracle. It's undeniable by even humanistic reason. Just ask my doctor at HSC.

He is so happy for me.

Christ Jesus doesn't restore a broken, contrite soul and brother like that. I agree. That's man-made invention, not Jesus. I recently had a clergy recommend to me that what I needed was a spiritual mentor for months and months to restore me into fellowship with Christ. I walked away. Don't need that kind of anti-christ advice. I ask him, who would you recommend? He had not an answer. He claimed I was judging others. See Matthew 7:1-2, just one of bunches in the Holy Record on judging.

We are to honor the work that God is doing in our lives. We are not to judge. Love keeps no record of wrongs and never gives up.

I testify to Romans 1:16 "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Jesus is forever. "I can do everything through Christ who give me strength." "Nothing is impossible with God." Wake up Church, Jesus is coming soon! Let's have revival Should we? I covet your prayers for me and my family. The truth sets us free.

Jed Hockett