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LETTER: Conspiracy in Gregory County

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To the Editor:

A letter to some Gregory County South Dakota attorneys, some Gregory County South Dakota banks, and some Gregory County South Dakota courthouse employees: Why have you people worked so hard to cover up your dishonest behavior? Real estate with multiple owners was mortgaged without their knowledge. Real estate was transferred to another without legal owners being aware of what was going on. Papers were showing ownership to another without rightful owners being aware of the situation — basically theft of real estate with help of attorneys and others involved in numerous ways.

This conspiracy has been going on for many years. No one has had the guts to challenge this mess and bright to light those who are responsible. This has gone on for too long.

In 30 days from publication of this letter, I will name those involved in theft and cover ups in the paper. This does include a has-been close relative who was involved in may aspects of "deception" to the immediate family.

There are questions of the handling of matters with the Gregory County Court System also that need to be addressed.

The people must know the truth.

Butch Rolf