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LETTER: SD opens arms to drinking

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To the Editor:

South Dakota is number one for drunk driving and alcoholism in the United States.

It seems our governor and legislators want us to stay number one by letting breweries expand and how other beer and wines are sold.

Since 2015, Sioux Falls has a beer and wine tasting experience. The radio ad says you can taste 50 kinds of beer and wine and it is especially good for people that want to start drinking. This year it is Aug. 25. How do I know? Because it is listed in the March 2018 Bishop's Bulletin. Even Bishop Swain is pushing it.

If a party that started drinking there has a DUI and kills someone it looks like that would lead to a lawsuit against it. It seems the governor doesn't care as long as it brings in more taxes.

Now about the highway by Tyndall that Frank Kloucek was after the State for?

I knew that if Frank had thousands of people supporting him on the highway the state would toss it out because of a ruling made after an accident 40 miles west of Pierre that killed three people. They went after the state to place signs to warn people on how the road was designed. The Supreme Court ruling said signs were a discretionary action that required experts not amateurs. They were sorry for what happend, but the state is immune from lawsuits. That ruling was made in February 2009.

Ray Grambihler