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LETTER: Noem isn't governor material

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To the Editor:

Our recent Republican primary campaign for South Dakota governor produced a most interesting television political ad by Kristi Noem. She touted her qualifications this way — "I can ride a horse and I can shoot a gun. What more do you need in South Dakota?" Needless to say, Republican voters were impressed and she won the nomination by a wide margin. The ad tells me a lot about Kristi Noem, her opinion of the office she seeks and about her opinion of the voters as a bunch easily duped rubes.

Apparently, Kristi Noem forgot what office she is running for or maybe she actually wants to be marshal of Dodge City. It also tells me that she is not taking the prospect of being governor seriously, has no real idea what the governor of South Dakota does, and obviously has a low opinion of voters in this state.

I am a registered independent voter, not an easily duped rube and I will be glad to vote for Kristi Noem for marshal of Dodge City, but not for governor of South Dakota.

Richard Peterson